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I had a brother that was 2 years older than me that I inherited the dirty magazines from but better yet, I also had a sister that was 5 years older than me that was really hot !! I'll call her Shelly. 
 Now Shelly was cool and we hung out a lot. She was always very comfortable walking around the house in her panties and either a bra or tube top or something revealing, especially after she started growing boobies! 
 I became obsessed with trying to see her naked boobs! Luckily I discovered a very convenient peephole in my closet with a perfect view of the whole bathroom. I remember the first evening she came from whereever and I watched her every move, and when I heard her say " I'm going to take a bath" I got hard just thinking about what I'm going to see! When I got to my spot, I wasn't disappointed! 
 I waited about 5 minutes before she flew into the bathroom, locked the door, turned the water on to fill the tub , than , my favorite part!! 
 She sat on the side of the bath tub and untied her sneakers, kicked them off, than took her socks off. Than , in what felt like slow motion, she unbuttoned her shirt and took it off and threw it on a pile. I never watched anything with more intensity! She reached behind her back and unsnapped her bra, and seconds later I was in my glory! 
 She removed her bra and I was seeing my sisters real naked tits! It was so awesome! I had my dick out and stroked it as I watched her push her panties off. 
 I watched her naked ass as she stepped into the tub and sat down. I shot my load on the floor and quietly made my way to my bed. I became obsessed with watching her take her clothes off an take baths. 
 I started hanging out in her bedroom more and more , just enjoying seeing her walk around in her bra and panties. Many times I waited up for her to come home at night hoping for a glimpse of her getting naked. 
 When she came in the room I pretended I was sleeping and she would just get in bed beside me in her bra and panties. I would wait until I knew she was asleep and try to feel her up. I would stick my hand down the back of her panties to rub her ass cheeks and than stick my hand in her bra to feel her nipple. 
 One night I really did fall asleep and when I woke up she must have been really drunk and she was passed out laying next to me completely naked. I couldn't resist putting my mouth on her boob and lick her nipple. When I knew she was not gonna wake up II got bolder and put my hand between her legs and gently touched her pussy.When my fingers found her wet pussy I pushed my finger in her pussy deeper and she let out a soft moan. 
 I started sucking her nipple and squeezed her boob and when I looked up to make sure she was still sleeping her eyes were open and looking at me!
 I was so embarrassed and said "I'm sorry" and rolled over away from her. She rolled towards me and whispered in my ear "that felt really good" as her hand reached for my underwear and she put her hand inside them and grabbed my dick. It felt so good and I got instantly hard as she whispered "do you mind if I play with it"? I mumbled "no, it feels good"! 
 She said "take them off" as she helped me push them down. She whispered "suck my tit again"! I rolled back over and took her nipple in my mouth and sucked it while she jerked me off. I told her "I'm gonna cum" and she pointed my dick at her tits and I shot my cum all over her tits and belly.
 She rubbed some of my cum with her finger and looked in my eyes and licked it off her finger. She whispered "that was nice" and kissed me on the lips and got out of bed and went in her bathroom. 
 The next morning I woke up and she was sleeping with her bra and panties back on. I quietly got out of bed and went in the bathroom to take a bath. I filled the tub and got in. I kept thinking about the night before and got hard again. I lathered some soap on my hand and started rubbing my dick. Than there was a knock on the door, and Shelly asked "can I pee"? I covered my hard on with a wash rag and answered "come on in"! 
 She walked in smiled at me saying "good morning" as she pulled her panties down and sat on the toilet and started peeing. She stood up and looked at my hand covering my hard dick. She kneeled next to the bathtub and whispered "do ya want me to make you cum , I'll jerk you off if you want me to"! I just shook my head "yes"! She got her hand soapy and grabbed my dick and started stroking it! She reached a hand behind her back and unsnapped her bra and let it fall , exposing her boobs to me. I stared at them and she smiled asking me " don'y ya wanna play with them"? I just reached for a tit and squeezed and fondled it as she jerked me off!
 It didn't take long before I came again. She washed her hand , told me "that was fun , I like making you cum! Then she leaned in to whisper in my ear " I can't wait to suck it and swallow your cum"! She just smiled and got up and left.
 I couldn't stop thinking about what she whispered, about wanting to suck my dick and let me cum in her mouth! 
 That same evening I didn't want to seem too obviously desperate for my sister to suck my dick so I just casually hang out in the family room , on the sofa watching tv. Shelly got home early and went right for a bath. It wasn't long before she came in the family room with a big bowl of popcorn asking "mind if I join ya"?! I said "of course not"! All she was wearing was a short robe , and I couldn't tell what was underneath! 
 We shared the bowl of popcorn than she threw a pillow on my lap and layed down with her head on the pillow on my lap! We watched tv for a while before my parents got home, poked their head in and said their goodnights.
 Shelly pushed th pillow off my lap and laid her head on my lap , and I was wearing shorts with no underwear! There was only a thin piece of pajama short material between my dick and her cheek! 
 I could not help becoming erect , and as she felt my dick harden against her face she moved her hand up my thigh and started rubbing my dick over my shorts. 
 Than it became incredibly hot! Her mouth was right above my waistband and she pulled my shorts down just enough for the head of my dick to slip out right in front of her mouth. Than I felt her tongue lick the head of my dick.Her other hand was playing with my balls and before I knew it she was licking the head of my dick, down the shaft, and she did give my balls a god lick!
 Before I knew it, she was giving me an awesome blowjob and I was getting very close to shooting my cum in her mouth!! She bobbed her face on my cock , taking a lot of my dick in her mouth ! I'm pretty sure the head of my dick was hitting the back of her throat!
 It was amazing! She just sucked my dick wild until I said " I'm gonna cum"! She rolled off the sofa and kneeled on the floor between my legs , put her open mouth in front of my pre=cumming cock with her tongue hanging out to catch my orgasm on her taste buds. 
 I must explain how I wasn't as calm and cool as I'm portraying myself in my little story here ! I was like a scared little school girl , who was really enjoying the amazing sexual experience, I was very afraid someone would catch us and we'd be considered freaks forever! 
 But looking down at my dick an inch from her mouth, with her tongue out, knowing my cum is going to sqirt right in her mouth, and than that's exactly what happed , I become very comfortable with being a freak!
 Looking in her eyes as my cum puddled on her tongue and dripped off her lips was amazing! She acted like she loved the flavor of my jizz , licking her lips, and she stuck her tongue out to show me how much of my cum she was swallowing!

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